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Trikes 013 Classic

Postby trikesrule » Fri Mar 22, 2013 10:42 pm

I'd like to especially talk about the trucks. Rear is an INDEEZ set at 80 degrees, that's not a misprint. The Pin is nearly vertical. I'll let you think on that one. Rear Hanger is 100mm, Bushings in this shot are Surf Rodz Blue on Blue. Recent testing has shown this set up can be ridden at any speed with SR Red on Red. Front Truck is a 200mm Kooky with Surf Rodz Red roadside and Blue board side. BP is set at 60 degree's. Raced this set up at LAUNCH outside of Sydney with no problems. It turns well and is nicely maneuverable in a crowd. Image Image

Uploaded with ImageShack.usSince Sydney further testing has shown complete stability at over 100kph with SR red on red Bushings front and rear. I'll let you think about the set up. ? With the rear Pin so up-right what's it not causing? Food for thought?
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