Newly Addicted to Street Luge

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Newly Addicted to Street Luge

Postby DefectiveProduct » Mon Oct 03, 2011 1:52 pm

I should have a shirt that says: "Street Luge ruined my life" Cuz I can't seem to get any constructive work done anymore.

Anyways, I'm new at this Rush called Street Luge. I picked it up after watching friends fly down hills on their Longboards. I thought I'd bring back 1996 and build a Street Luge, scare myself, then stop. SO much for that... I'm hooked.

I initially built my first 'woodie' as a prototype after doing some research and watching some YouTube videos. Now I want to build a more serious Luge out of Aluminum, and still be a weekend warrior. I've got leathers, stop-shoes, gloves, helmet and a GoPro. Now I'm looking for the resources to help build a better sled. I'll post my current spec's and hardware soon.

Update: Current Setup:
Wooden Droprail Type: Construction 2x4's & Plywood: Gunmetal V2 180mm 42 Degree Double Barrel Trucks: Abec11 75mm 78a Wheels: Wheelbase 51.5''
Total Length 63'': Deck 16'' Wide: 37'' Long. Rider 225lb.

I've got a set of Abec11 90mm flywheels and some board modifications to happen soon.
Ex: Handlebars, and chop the overall lenght. I'd really like to build an aluminum one in the neer future.

For now... here is a video.
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