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Re: We're the problem!

Postby drscope » Mon Apr 07, 2014 7:58 am

The MISFITS is a small Mid Atlantic group that started as Underground Soapbox Racers. We are still Soapbox racers and that is our main focus.

Each October we do an event in central Pennsylvania we call the East Coast Challenge (ECC). To date this event has been run as an underground event where racers from all over the country show up and we race 6 different hills in the area. This is an elimination event where ALL the cars start the first round and we eliminate cars out of the field each round until we have only 2 for the last run of the day.

In the past we have invited other gravity disciplines to attend, however we have never received any response.

We are working with the locals in the area to obtain permits and permission to get away from this unsafe, underground format. In 2013 we had partial support from local law enforcement and they are eager to work with us for future events.

As such we really want to see this event grow. In 2013 we had 2 classes of gravity cars and it looks as if we may actually have 3 for the 2014 event.

But we really want to see more racers from other gravity disciplines take part. And we need to hear your input and what your requirements are as far as how you guys would like to see your portion of the event laid out.

We would like to see Lugers, and Long Boarders, but we would also like to see a resurgence of GF1 cars as well as Skate Cars for this event.

So any of you guys complaining about your sport being in decline who have the means and desire to attend an event in central PA in the fall, how about giving us your input and thoughts about what type of event you would like to see.

Remember, we are Car People, strapped into a safety cell, so we are NOT aware of any special needs you guys running out in the open on 2 inch wheels may have!

While there is not much information on our group FB page about the ECC, you can learn a little about our world here: https://www.facebook.com/downhillmisfits

And at a very outdated web site here: https://sites.google.com/site/gravityecc/

(hey we’re racers, not web specialists!)

We need your input and we need to know just how much interest there is from your group so we can begin the planning stages for this years event.
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